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Our Philosophy

We believe that owning a pet is an amazing and rewarding experience, but also a responsibility, not a luxury. Training your pet properly will lead you to a greater understanding of the animal, and we firmly believe in the owner-pet relationship being one of mutual understanding and respect. Our trainers immerse you fully in the training process, and with this holistic approach, we find that owners end up learning as much, if not more, than their pets. Call to find out more about our unique approach to training.


Meet the Trainers


Meet Jillian Rich

Head Trainer

Hi! My name is Jillian Rich. I am a dog trainer with a passion for animals and improving the relationship between owners and their beloved pets and live in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. I studied dog training at the Tom Rose School and graduated at the top of my class. I am experienced in competition and pet obedience, tracking, tricks, competition and narcotics scent work, agility, and behavior modification training.  I do not discriminate against dogs I train based on their breed, age, or size. I am willing and able to train dogs that exhibit fear, dog and human aggression. As well as dogs that just need to learn the basics. I will work with you and your dog to meet your needs.

I am also a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC Trick Dog Evaluator.

I serve as the Executive Director of Mannered Mutts Rescue, Inc, a Bloomington based 501(c)3 non-profit dog rescue seeking to help homeless animals get the love and training they need to get adopted into amazing forever homes. 


Meet Sydnie Dunn


Hi! My name is Sydnie Dunn. I love dogs! I am devoted to helping owners and their pets learn to live in harmony with one another. Lack of structure and balance in the home between owner and dog can contribute to canine anxiety, aggression, and destruction. I want to help change this by showing you how to start training off on the right foot. Mutual respect and consistency with rules and expectations can have a phenomenal effect on how our dogs perceive us. 

I am primarily self taught. I have also been shadowing Jillian (Head Trainer) for quite some time and feel confident in my abilities to help you and your canine companions achieve all of your training goals. 

I serve as the President on the board for Mannered Mutts Rescue, Inc, a Bloomington based 501(c)3 non-profit dog rescue seeking to help homeless animals get the love and training they need to get adopted into amazing forever homes.


My Services

What I Offer You and Your Pets

Schedule a consultation today to find the best program that fits your needs. This in person evaluation is important because it allows us to discuss your pet in depth, get a full history, and allows our trainers to  observe and provide feedback on the behaviors you are struggling with.


Board and Train


Day Training


Private Lessons

Your dog stays and lives with me in my home and gets multiple training sessions all throughout the day and evening. Per each week of training purchased, you will receive a private lesson with us to work on the skills that your dog has learned during their stay.

Drop your dog off for training weekday mornings and pick them up at the end of the work day. Included with each week of day training purchased you will receive a private lesson to work on the skills that your dog learns during the day.

I am available for lessons in the Bloomington area. 

I offer one-on-one lessons with you and your dog. 

Lessons can be in-home, at my training studio space on Bryan Park, or in a public place. This is a great option for people who want to learn to do the training themselves or need help in their home environment.


"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

Anatole France


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