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Clients Only



Your dog will stay overnight in one of our large cabins and will be under the exceptional care of our training staff. We make sure that your dog has the proper exercise & socialization needed daily. We also have a wide array of enrichment exercises for your pups. We offer boarding for current and past clients only. This means that once your dog has began or completed a primary training program with us, they have the ability to board with us!

It is also an option to have your dog participate in fill-in board & training during the day while they are boarding with us (*additional fee for fill-in training. Depends on if we have the space).

Current & Past Clients--
If you are wanting to board your dog with us while you're out of town, please send our administrative assistant or one of our trainers a message with dates and we will let you know if we have availability. You can also book through your MMT online portal. We recommend planning as far in advance as possible if you're needing to board with us.

*Discounts are available if you need to board more than one dog.

If you'd like to know more of what to expect, please view the sample copies of our Mannered Mutts Training program contracts by following the link below:

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