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Board & Train Programs


2 weeks - 8 weeks



Your dog stays overnight in one of our large cabins and works with our team, getting multiple personalized training sessions all throughout the day. Per each week of training purchased, you will receive a 60 minute private lesson for you & your dog with one of our trainers to work on the skills that your dog has learned while staying with us. You will also receive report cards throughout the program that include updates on what your pup has been working on as well as photos/videos!

Program Pricing Structure:
Cost per day (Monday-Saturday): $110
Cost per day (Sunday): $60

2 Week Discount: 2.5%
3 Week Discount: 3.5%
4 Week Discount: 4.5%
5 Week Discount: 5.5%
6 Week Discount: 6.5%
7 Week Discount: 7.5%
8+ Week Discount: 8.5%

*$30 charge for aggressive dogs with Sunday bookings that cannot be handled safely by kennel assistants and need a trainer scheduled for their care.

Sample Program Pricing:
You drop your dog off on the 1st of the month to work on their basic obedience and leash manners. Their stay is scheduled for you to pick up on 16th later that month. Included in the cost of this program would be two private lessons to teach you how to implement what your dog learned during their stay.
16 days x $110 = $1760 base cost
$1760 x 2.5% = $44 discount
$1760 - $44 (2 week discount) - $90 (Sunday enrichment boarding discount x 2) = $1626

You drop your dog off on the 1st of the month to learn foundational obedience and to improve their reactivity towards people coming into your home and while on walks. Their stay is scheduled for you to pick up on 28th later that month.
28 days x $110 = $3080 base cost
$3080 x 4.5% = $138.60 discount
$3080 - $138.60 (4 week discount) - $180 (Sunday enrichment boarding discount x 4) = $2761.40

Can I do a shorter program?:
Custom length programs are available to current or returning clients, who need refresher training or want to board and train their dog while they are out of town. We also offer hybrid program - a combination of different programs that are catered to your dog's needs.

Need help with more than one dog?:
Discounts available if you would like to enroll more than one of your dogs in this program.

*If you would like to get started with Mannered Mutts Training, the first step would be setting up a consultation or consultation + initial lesson to meet with one of our trainers. All you need to do is click on the “schedule now” button above to create an account and provide us with some basic information (including which program(s) you’re interested in). Please allow up to 1-3 business days for our administrative assistant to review your information and respond back about consult availabilities.*

If you'd like to know more of what to expect, please view the sample copies of our Mannered Mutts Training program contracts by following the link below:

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