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Consultation + Initial Lesson


1.5-2 hours



Book your program within 72 hours of your consult and we'll apply your consult fee to the total cost!

Meet with one of our trainers to discuss training goals, evaluate your dog's behavior, go in depth on any questions you may have, and begin to provide guidance. This includes an initial lesson immediately after the consult portion to get started with managing and working with your dog. This is a helpful way of getting started with training prior to the start of your dog's training program.

To book a consultation + initial lesson with us, click on the button above to create an account. From there, fill out the contact form to let us know your training goals, specific program that you are interested in, and your availability. Please allow up to 1-3 business days for our administrative assistant to review your information and reach out to you about availabilities.

Prices & Lengths:
Consultation + Initial Lesson (1.5-2 hours): $155
Multi-Dog Consult + Initial Lesson (2.5-3 hours): $182 ($91 per dog)

It is your choice whether the consult + initial lesson takes place in our facility or in your home (*there may be an additional fee for in-home depending on your location).

*Fee is due at time of booking. Please keep in mind that all dogs are required to be up to date on the Bordetella, Rabies (if 16 weeks or older), Distemper (DAPP), & Leptospirosis vaccines by the time of the consult.

If you'd like to know more of what to expect, please view the sample copies of our Mannered Mutts Training program contracts by following the link below:

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