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Sydnie D


Manager & Trainer

Hi! My name is Sydnie. I love dogs! I am devoted to helping owners and their pets learn to live in harmony with one another. Lack of structure and balance in the home between owner and dog can contribute to canine anxiety, aggression, and destruction. I want to help change this by showing you how to start training off on the right foot. Mutual respect and consistency with rules and expectations can have a phenomenal effect on how our dogs perceive us.

I am primarily self taught. I have also been shadowing Jillian (Head Trainer) for quite some time and feel confident in my abilities to help you and your canine companions achieve all of your training goals.

I serve as the President on the board for Mannered Mutts Rescue, Inc, a Bloomington based 501(c)3 non-profit dog rescue seeking to help homeless animals get the love and training they need to get adopted into amazing forever homes.

(812) 822-1483

Sydnie D
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