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Transitional Leashes


Various Sizes & Colors


MMT uses and sells high quality transitional leashes from Heather's Heroes. These leashes are called "The Sidekick" and are a unique, more comfortable version of a traditional transitional leash.

What is a transitional leash?

Transitional leashes work by applying gentle pressure to your dog's snout - which is a natural pressure point. With the right training, this helps keep your dog calm and focused on you during walks. It is a great tool for minimizing pulling and addressing leash reactivity.


- Mini

- Regular

*To purchase a piece of training equipment from MMT, please either let a trainer know while you are in the facility for drop-off/pick-up/lessons/consultations or message one of our staff members about which item you'd like and we can send the item home with your pup (& an invoice will be emailed to you).*

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