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Slip Collars


8 in - 22.5 in


MMT uses & sells high-quality biothane slip collars from CSJ Creations. We have a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from. Our trainers are skilled in properly fitting these collars, and will help you with choosing the correct size for your pup.

What is a slip collar?

A slip collar is a popular dog training tool used for teaching your pup to yield to leash pressure, which is important for shaping various behaviors, especially "heeling". The collar tightens as either you or your dog apply pressure on the leash. This tool is completely safe & extremely beneficial when used as directed, and one of our trainers will teach you how properly use it before sending you home with one.


- 8 in, 8.5 in, 9 in, 9.5 in, 10 in, 10.5 in .... 21 in, 21.5 in, 22 in, 22.5 in, 23 in

*To purchase a piece of training equipment from MMT, please either let a trainer know while you are in the facility for drop-off/pick-up/lessons/consultations or message one of our staff members about which item you'd like and we can send the item home with your pup (& an invoice will be emailed to you).*

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