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Prong Collars


Various Sizes & Colors


We carry high-quality prong collars from Herm Sprenger, Kimberland, and Starmark. We have three link sizes (micro, 2.25mm, & 3mm) and four different link types (chrome, black stainless steel, curogen, & plastic) for you to choose from. We also have the option of either a regular or quick snap prong collar (quick snap prongs have snap buckles similar to the ones on regular [flat] collars).

Our trainers are highly skilled in correctly fitting & properly using this training tool. They will teach you how to use & put it on correctly before sending you home with one. Please talk to one of our trainers if you are interested in purchasing a prong collar for your pup.

Sizes & Options:

- Kimberland Micro Prong W/ QUICK SNAP: ($35)

- Starmark Plastic Prong (small) ($12)

- Starmark Plastic Prong (large) ($15)

- 2.25mm HS Chrome Prong Collar ($25)

- 2.25mm HS Chrome W/ QUICK SNAP ($32)

- 2.25mm HS Black Prong Collar ($37)

- 2.25mm HS Black W/ QUICK SNAP ($45)

- 2.25mm HS Curogen [Bronze, Hypoallergenic] Prong Collar ($40)

- 2.25mm HS Curogen W/ QUICK SNAP ($47)

- 3mm HS Chrome Prong Collar ($28)

- 3mm HS Chrome W/ QUICK SNAP Prong ($35)

- 3mm HS Black Prong Collar ($45)

- 3mm HS Black Prong W/ QUICK SNAP ($52)

- 3mm HS Curogen Prong Collar ($43)

- 3mm HS Curogen W/ QUICK SNAP ($50)

*To purchase a piece of training equipment from MMT, please either let a trainer know while you are in the facility for drop-off/pick-up/lessons/consultations or message one of our staff members about which item you'd like and we can send the item home with your pup (& an invoice will be emailed to you).*

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