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Various Sizes & Brands


MMT uses & carries muzzles for dogs that are in need of muzzle training. We carry reliable, high-quality muzzles from Birdwell, Dean & Tyler, and JAFCO. Our trainers are skilled in properly fitting muzzles, as well as muzzle conditioning/training. If you believe your dog would benefit from wearing a muzzle in certain situations, please talk to one of our trainers for next steps.

Sizes & Options:

- Birdwell Muzzles (Small & Medium) ($22)

- Dean & Tyler Freedom Muzzles (Sizes #1 - #27) ($50)

- JAFCO Muzzles (Sizes #0 - #2) ($43)

- JAFCO Muzzles (Sizes #3 - #5) ($50)

*To purchase a piece of training equipment from MMT, please either let a trainer know while you are in the facility for drop-off/pick-up/lessons/consultations or message one of our staff members about which item you'd like and we can send the item home with your pup (& an invoice will be emailed to you).*

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