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Biothane Leashes


Various Colors & Lengths


Mannered Mutts uses & sells high-quality biothane leashes. We have the option of a 4 ft, 6ft, 33 ft, and hands-free leash in various colors. These leashes (*except the long line) are individually hand-crafted by our friends at CSJ Creations. The long-line is manufactured by Mendota Pet. Biothane has the look & feel of leather, but is waterproof, durable, and easy to clean.

Length Options:

- 4ft x 1/2 in ($17)

- 6 ft x 1/2 in ($19)

- 5 ft x 1/2 in (*hands-free) ($32)

- 6 ft x 1/2 in (*hands-free) ($34)

- Long-line: 33 ft x 3/8 in ($35)

Color Options:

- Red

- Teal

- Lavender

- Light blue

- Hot pink

- Light green

- Navy

- Black

*To purchase a piece of training equipment from MMT, please either let a trainer know while you are in the facility for drop-off/pick-up/lessons/consultations or message one of our staff members about which item you'd like and we can send the item home with your pup (& an invoice will be emailed to you).*

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