Private Lessons

Our trainers are available for lessons in the Bloomington area. 

We offer one-on-one lessons with you and your dog. 

Lessons can be in-home, at Bryan Park, or in a public place. This is a great option for people who want to learn to do the training themselves or need help in their home environment. 

Price List

Our Offers


Consult & Initial Lesson Combo

(Approx. 2 hours long ) $200 value! Meet with our trainers to discuss training goals, go in depth with any questions you may have and begin to provide guidance.  This includes an initial lesson to get started with managing and working with your dog. This is helpful as a standalone option, or as a way of getting started with training prior to the start of a program.


Puppy Package

5 lessons (Approx. 30-40 minutes each) to help your puppy learn foundational obedience training, crate training, potty training, manners, how to properly socialize, and how to correct for behaviors like chewing and mouthiness.


Basic Obedience

5 lessons (Approx. 1 hour long) to help work on whatever you need help with.


Off-Leash E-Collar Training

8 lessons (Approx. 1 hour each) to work on and off leash training and reliability. 

*This program does not include the cost of E collar ($179)


Individual Lessons

Pay as you go rather than signing up for a lesson package by signing up to do individual lessons. 

*This does not include the cost of place bed or training collar

Sammy is a Goldendoodle who was very reactive and aggressive around other dogs. Just seeing another dog made Sammy incredibly nervous and made him feel like he needed to defend himself. He would bark and lunge to try to make them go away. He isn’t perfect and he has his limitations however with some foundational training and some time taking it slow around other dogs Sammy is certainly different. His response when he sees other dogs even if they make him a little nervous at times isn’t to go into fight mode. He is calmer and it’s easier to pull him out of that state by recalling him when he gets stressed. He is able to handle going on walks with other dogs and stay calm. He can handle other dogs playing and sniffing and approaching him without trying to snap at them. Sometimes he will even let his guard down and get happy and excited when he sees other dogs. This is something that never happened before. He is much better but he isn’t perfect. Sammy is wearing a muzzle when other dogs are off leash around him. Why? If one of those dogs tried to play with Sammy it might be too much for him and cause him to snap at them. Someday Sammy may want to play with other dogs but when and if he does he will let us know. He will be in charge of that interaction and who he plays with. The dogs involved will be friendly and ready to reciprocate but until then I am very proud of Sammy for simply learning to co-exist with these dogs without conflict. I am pleased to see him become less scared and begin to enjoy some of these interactions. That’s what makes it all worth it to me.

Millie the 100+ lb Bloodhound and her owners completed training with me through private lessons. This is her before and after video. Worth noting that we recorded the after video on trash day to make it extra challenging. She did awesome! Bloodhounds are NOT an easy breed to train but train we did! She is awesome!

Kailey and Charlie the 8 and 9 year old Standard Poodles started private lessons training  to work on a few key issues. Their owners struggled with walking them together on a loose leash and if they saw a dog or squirrel all bets were off. They would pull, bark, and lunge. When guests came over they would ambush the door and start barking like crazy. This behavior was driving them crazy because it made their family not want to have friends and family come over so that they wouldn’t have to deal with the barking. Their behavior in the home and on the leash became habitual for these dogs for YEARS. Essentially their entire lives. After just five sessions these old poodles have transformed. Their family and friends have noticed too because when they come over now the house is calm and quiet. Kailey and Charlie are proof that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks.

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