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What is expected from me?

What is expected from me?

Throughout your program, our trainers will coach you on the training needed for your dog & the skills that they have been learning with us. With that in mind, consistency, owner commitment, and follow-through will be required from you. We will teach both you & your pup a variety of things depending on your individual goals, but the key is keeping up with the training & continuing to maintain the skills they've learned with us. Continued practice & reinforcement of boundaries at home will help your dog avoid regression (and keep them sharp!)

Whether you're doing private lessons, a board & train program, or a day training program, your trainer will make sure that you have all the information needed to keep up with training while at home. Private lessons clients will be expected to keep up with their homework in between their lessons in order to build on the training they learn while working with the trainer. Other programs will be expected to maintain and follow directions. They also must ask for help if there are any issues or confusion that arise. Your follow-through & consistency during and after the program is imperative to the success of your dog's training.

We will expect all clients to follow Indiana COVID mandates at the time of their programs, respecting and following through with their trainer directions without modification. In addition, we request that you stay in communication with our trainers/administrative assistant and contact us about rescheduling/cancellations in a timely manner.

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