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I want to set up a consult! What are the next steps?

I want to set up a consult! What are the next steps?

A consultation (or consult + initial session) is required prior to your dog participating in one of our training programs. To set up a consultation to meet with one of our trainers, you will first need to register you & your pup into our system by filling out a contact form to let us know what your training goals are, if there is a specific program(s) that you are interested in, and your availability. Click the blue "Get Started Today!" button above to take you to the registration page. Please allow up to 1-3 business days for our administrative assistant to review your information and respond back about upcoming availabilities.

Consults are typically an hour long and the consult fee is $60 (due at the time of booking). Multi-dog consults are available at a discounted price (up to 2 dogs per consult).

*Dogs are required to be up to date on the Bordetella, Rabies (if 16 weeks or older), Distemper, and Leptospirosis vaccines by the time of their consultation.

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