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"If you're looking for a dog trainer here in Bloomington, look no further! I had been through multiple trainers and felt discouraged with the results. Mannered Mutts Training turned that all around. Jillian is the first dog trainer to directly address the problems my dog was having. I have a rather stubborn and lazy dog and Jillian is incredibly patient and encouraging throughout each lesson. Not only is Jillian an incredible dog trainer, but she is a genuinely caring person. They will go above and beyond for the success of your dog. I have never been so happy with the training and results with my dog. If you live in Bloomington and own a dog, Mannered Mutts Training should be your first choice."

— Erika A. & Opie

“Great job and happy with the training. Willow and I did a few private training sessions. Worked on place, not pulling on the leash, recall and helped me with learning to introduce her to new dogs. Very happy with the results.”

Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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