Day training | 3 weeks


15 days + 3 lessons @ 1 hour each


Drop your dog off for training weekday mornings between (7:30-10:00 am) and pick them up at the end of the work day between (4:00-6:00 pm) Included with each week of day training purchased you will receive a private lesson to work on the skills that your dog learns during the day.

What if I need to drop off or pick up after your operating hours?
Hours may be expanding when we move to our new facility. Until announced, the times above are our hours of operations. In the event that you need to drop off/pick up outside of those hours, you may be charged an additional fee or need to board your animal. Please let our head trainer know if this occurs.

Can I do a shorter program?
We offer hybrid programs - a combination of different programs best catered to your dog's needs. This might include doing fill in day training spots when we have availability while pursing a different program of ours such as private lessons or as a follow up after completing a training program as a way to maintain social or training skills.

Need help with more than one dog?
Discounts available if you would like to enroll more than one of your dogs in this program.

*If you would like to get started with Mannered Mutts Training, the first step would be setting up a consultation to meet one of our trainers. All you need to do is click on the button above to create an account and book your appointment. Please allow up to 2-3 business days for our trainers to review your information and respond back.*