Assistant Trainer

Bloomington, IN, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The Mannered Mutts Training team is looking to hire a trainer with knowledge of balanced training methods and experience in working with board & train/day training dogs. Experience teaching private lessons is a plus but not required. Mannered Mutts utilizes reward based training for luring/shaping/teaching behaviors as well as using the leash/training collar corrections or redirections for unwanted or negative behaviors. An ideal candidate for the position has experience with teaching basic obedience, correctly using various training collars (including low level ecollar conditioning), experience with working on reactivity, has strong people/customer service skills, and is willing and excited about continuing education about dog behavior and training. The Mannered Mutts team often works with dogs who are working on behavior modification programs for aggressive or nervous behavior. Experience with aggressive or nervous dogs is preferred but not required. However, Candidate must be comfortable being trained to work with aggressive dog handling/training.

We will be conducting Phone interviews as well as scheduling working interviews to have candidates demonstrate their skills with their own dog as well as a friendly dog they don’t know. Candidate must also submit to background check in order to be brought onto the team.
Pay Based on experience/education level: $15-$17 an hour.

Job Type: Full-time
Pay: From $15.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:
All clients and customers are required to wear a mask indoors. All current staff are fully vaccinated.


Looking to hire full-time dog trainer to work with board and trains and day trainers. Preference will be given to more experienced applicants.

*Position is located in Bloomington, Indiana*

Location: 611 W. 11th Street Bloomington, Indiana 47404 (candidate must be willing to commute or relocate to Bloomington, Indiana)

Required Qualifications: experience working with and training dogs (personal or other people’s dogs) in basic obedience, customer service/working with people

Preferred Qualifications: formal dog training education or experience working under another trainer, experience with reactivity, aggression, or nervous behavior, ability to quickly become independent and take on teaching private lessons