Charlie completed a 4-week board and train program and some private lessons with us in March. His primary needs for training were due to aggression towards strangers, leash reactivity to people and dogs, and lack of manners and obedience. The first part of the video marked "before" is a benchmark of where Charlie was at prior to starting his training program.

Fast forward to now and Charlie was a rockstar at group class! Check out the section of the video marked "now" to see him shine. Charlie is a dog who has absolutely transformed. He is showing the world how amazing and sweet he can be. We look forward to continuing his journey to being his best self he can be. 


Board and Train

Your dog stays and works with our team, getting multiple training sessions all throughout the day. Per each week of training purchased, you will receive a private lesson with one of our trainers to work on the skills that your dog has learned while staying with us. 


14 days is $1,239

21 days is $1,819

28 days is $2,369

35 days is $2,969

​*This does not include the cost of place bed or training collar

Can I do a shorter program?

Custom length programs are available to current or returning clients, who need refresher training or want to board and train their dog while they are out of town. We also offer hybrid program - a combination of different programs that are catered to your dog's needs. 

Need help with more than one dog?

Discounts available if you would like to enroll more than one of your dogs in this program. 

Where are you located?

Currently Mannered Mutts Training is operating out of our head trainer's home, coming Mid-June 2021, we will be relocating to a new facility. 

Where can we find videos of your work?

Checkout the videos below to see some awesome before and after transformations. 

Moses spent two weeks in our board and train program before moving to our day school program.  A private lesson occurred after the board and train to catch his owner up to speed with what he learned. This gave Moses and his owner the opportunity to transition what he learned with us to his home and his owner was able to work with him on the evenings and weekends while still lots of structure and training throughout the day to continue working towards his goals.  Moses struggled with reactivity on leash, in the car and at some barriers towards strangers and dogs. He also needed work on obedience, did not come reliability when called and pulled like a freight train! 

Opie Taylor the Poodle started training after he broke his owners arm in two places by pulling her down. His owners were considering making the heart wrenching decision to rehome him because they didn’t know how to control him and prevent future injuries. Look at Opie now being such a well mannered happy boy. This is the outcome everyone wanted. Dog keeps his home. Owner keeps their dog. I feel very privileged to have a job where I can help dogs and owners like this who love each other very much have a better relationship, learn to communicate, and help them stay together. Check out Opie’s before and after video above.


Australian Shepherds Harper (1 year old) and Bindi (6 months old) before and after completing their board and train with me. Checkout this video to see these girls transform from double trouble to well behaved rockstar pups. 🐶🐶💕

River The Weimaraner was absolutely transformed after completing her 4 week board and train. Check out her awesome before and after progress video.

Cooper the Golden Retriever after completing his two week board and train program. He is still the same sweet, happy go lucky boy he was before training, but now his good boy manners and impulse control are off the charts! Check out his amazing transformation. 🐶

Check out Harper the 11 month old Micro Labradoodle's before and after video after completing his three week board and train program with me. Harper pulled on a leash, was unfocused around distractions, didn’t come when called, had issues with potty training, and was uncomfortable being around most other dogs and kids without hiding behind owner. Harper has made great strides towards being his most well behaved confident self. Good boy!

Checkout Abby´s progress with her reactivity and aggression towards other dogs after completing her 3 week board and train with me. 

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